Laser Welding


Laser welding is one of the important aspects of laser processing. Irradiating high intensity laser beam to metal surface, by the interaction between laser and metal, the metal can absorb the laser energy and converte it into thermal energy to melt the metal. Then the metal cools and crystlize to form a weld. Its characteristics are: high energy density, high welding speed, low distortion and high-quality.The  "Laser advanced manufacturing and flexible manufacturing system" developed independently by our laboratory can fully meet the requirements of laser welding. It can be used for welding of various metallic materialsflat or curved plate, shaft or tube shaped workpiece. Besides, it can implement complex spatial trajectory welding, same/dissimilar materials welding and establish database of laser welding. Fully meeting the requirements of laser advanced manufacturing process, it can be used as engineering application platform of advanced laser processing and flexible manufacturing.

Laser welding of dissimilar materials


Our laboratory specializes in laser welding of small precise micro-structure, especially laser welding of dissimilar materials. By controlling the temperature of welded structure, it can be ensureed that welded structure is always at a low temperature environment, and the weld surface is smooth, no oxidation, no secondary processing. The technology is widely used in aviation, aerospace, military and other precision machining fields.

          laser welding of  gyro motor in aviation instrument              laser welding of engine fuel injector solenoid spool