Lser thermal load test on engine parts


Engine parts (including the piston and cylinder head) subject to severe thermal load in the course of their work, their lifespan subject greatly affects engine performance and reliability. Our laboratory established the laser thermal load system to simulate the thermal load of engine parts in the actual working conditions. The system is developed based on laser damage mechanism of thermal heating components. It is a test platform taking laser as heat source to reflect the specific tempereture distribution and accelerate the thermal injury of danger zone. By using beam shaper to shape laser beam to specific intensity distribution that heat load test required, our lab can achieve the control of load time and region in laser thermal load test,thus to simulate the laser thermal load condition of engine parts. The  laser thermal load system of our laboratory includes not only laser system, five framework robot system, infrared temperature measurement system and CCD detection system but also the spatial intensity laser beam shaping element, which can convert laser beam to any spatial intensity distribution according to application requirements in order to achieve the thermal load test of materials and different components. 


Lasr thermal load system


Optical field of the shaped laser beam acting on surface of piston firepower

The tempereture responde of different areas of piston