Laser Removing

Laser removal  technology includes laser drilling and laser cutting. Our lab focuses on research and application for  laser process of precision microporesand laser cutting of metal materials.

Laser process of precision micro-holes represents the highest level of modern technology, an advanced manufacturing method which is difficult to implement by conventional processing technology. Laser process of microporestechnology has advvantages of high accuracy, good versatility, high efficiency, low cost and significant economic benefits,  and has become one of the key technologies of modern manufacturing. The "integrated laser intelligent manufacturing and flexible manufacturing systems" developed independently by our laboratory can be used for all types of sheet metal, mechanical parts and micro-holed of of engine nozzle. Our laboratory can achieve microporous of diameter Φ0.1mm, depth to diameter ratio of 10:1 using lase to machine micropores.


Precision micopores maching of nozzle


Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metal materials processing, which can greatly reduce the processing time, reduce processing costs, improve the quality of workpiece.It has many excellent features such as fast cutting speed, smooth incisions, generally with no need of further processing, small heat affected zone and deformation, narrow kerf, without mechanical stress in incisions, shear free burr; high machining accuracy, good repeatability, no damage to the material surface, NC programming, arbitrary planar graph can be processed, no need of mold and time saving. The "laser advanced manufacturing and flexible manufacturing system" indenpendently researched by our laborotary can fully meet the requirements of laser cutting and can be used for laser cutting of metal, especially cutting on body-sided galvanized plate. The slit is smooth without slag, in full compliance with the cutting process requirements, and the cutting expert database can be provided.

instances of laser cutting


 precise microporous by laser punching