Laser Cladding and Direct Molding


Laser cladding is a new coating technology that involves optical, mechanical, electrical, materials, testing and other disciplines. It is a new manufacturing technology that traditional manufacturing methods can not complete,a high-tech supported and promoted by the state.Now, laser cladding has become one of the important technology for new materials preparation, quick manufacturing of metal parts, failure of metal parts remanufacturing of failure metal parts, widely used in aviation, petroleum, automotive, machinery, shipbuilding and other industries. Laser cladding technique can produce metal matrix composites such as iron-based, nickel-based, cobalt-based, aluminumbased, titanium-based snd magnesium-based. This technology has advantages such as fine cladding organization, high performance, low thermal stress, small deformation and enviroment friendly.

Poder flow fied of coaxial powder feeding nozzle     Laser cladding cross-section morphology of coaxial powder feeding


Based on the principle of forming discrete and laser cladding technology, laser direct forming technology is an advanced manufacturing technology with important application prospectand developed. Useing the discrete / stacking forming principle, the technique convert 3-D model of computer to physical prototype consist of specific substance quickly, thus to acheive near-net shape manufacturing of materials difficult to process and parts with complex shape. The main application object of laser direct forming technology is directly molding of high-peoformance metal parts and high-quality repair of high value-added components. This technoly has important applications in high-tech fields such as of aeronautics and astronautics

Net shape manufacturing of thin-wall structure


The parts by laser direct metal deposition