Spatial transmission of high-power multi-mode laser beams

The laser beam outputed directly by laser has inherent characteristics, generally having a circular spot showed Gaussian or super-Gaussian intensity distributionany in any cross-section of the beam, which is difficult to satisfy the diversity demand for spatial intensity distribution during the advanced laser manufacturing process. Taking use of binary optics, our laboratory has acheived the particular transformation of high power laser beam's spatial intensity distribution, which can meet the needs of laser hardening, laser heat load and other applications. It can improves the effect and proficiency of advanced laser manufacturing, having an important application value.

binary optics spatial transformation of laser beam

Meanwhile, based on the demand for advanced laser manufacturing process, it puts forward new requirements for the design and manufacture of binary optical elements, which can further improves the theory of binary optics. In order to satisfy demand for laser surface hardening, our laboratory has developed Dammann grating with proportional intensity distribution, improved the geometry uniformity of the hardened layer surface, got periodic distribution of hardness and improved the wear resistance of material. Besides,our laboratory developed a multi-step binary optical components, which is used in the process of laser thermal load of engine parts to simulate the thermal process of piston and cylinder head in actual working conditions.

different spatial intensity distribution of laser beam after binary optic conversion

Taking advantage of binary optical method, the  high intensity laser beam directly outputed by laser can be converted into equal intensity matrix distribution, proportional intensity matrix  distribution, arbitrary intensity strips lattice distribution, and other multi-ring beam intensity distributionequal intensity multi-ring distribution, arbitrary intensity multi-ring distribution, and even all kinds of laser beams. Our laboratory dedicated to thedesign and production of binary optics for advanced manufacturing processes and focused on solving key scientific problems involved between the application requirements and binary optics theory.


Binary optical element used for engine piston and cylinder head

 the temperature distribution of laser heat load experiment