Laser surface hardening treatment technology


By laser beam transformation and high density laser beam acting on the surface of material, laser surface hardening technology can modify the performance of material surface quickly, form strengthening layer meeting various servive requirements and acheive laser surface hardening and repair on all or part of the mold. This technology has been successfully applied to Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company. Laser surface hardening technology can achieve both continuous and pulsed laser enhanced processing.

  continuous laser enhanced processing pulsed laser enhanced processing


According to the different laser hardening demands of parts,  the use of binary optics for shaping the spatial intensity distribution of the laser beam can make the hardening layer more uniform and help to improve processing efficiency. Surface enhancing of pulsed laser laser beam after shaping is suit to treat surface of parts with complex shape. Shaping the laser beam to strip-type can promote the processing efficiency of continuous laser surface hardening process, suit to treat parts with a large surface area. The hardness of strengthening regional after treated by shaped laser beam has a gradient distribution in the depth direction and periodic distribution along the scan direction, which means better weaar assistance.


Ductile iron material, for example, the macro hardness in strengthening area is between HRC52-60, fully meeting the requirment of auto mold
Laser hardening system applied in the automotive stamping dies of Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive companysystems:


Combines with time characteristics of laser surface hardening and its spatial distribution of easy to control, small surface deformation and fine fast processing for local, our laboratory research deep into the mechanism and experimental process of laser surface hardenig about engine cylinder head and valve seat, to inprove the high temperature impact fatigue wear resistance of enhanced valve seat. In addition the laboratory laser surface hardening system can also be used in laser  after the laser enhanced resistant to high temperature impact fatigue wearBesides, the laser surface hardening system can also be used in agricultural appliances.

laser surface hardening of valve seat        laser surface hardening of farm equipment