Laser manufacturing laboratory, combining modern control tecnology and innotive processing mechanics with laser manufacturing technology, researches deep into crital problems desiding the process and quality of manufacturing to realizing integration, intelligention and flexibility of advanced laser manufacturing.



Main researcch direction:

  • High power laser manufacturing mechanics

  • Interaction between laser and materials and its numerical simulation

  • Full antomatic control of integrated, advanced and flexible laser manufacturing system

  • spatial transmission of high power muti-mode laser beam

  • integration research of PC system based on intelligent control theory


Professor Yu Gang

Key Lab of Mechanics in Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)
Instituteof Mechanics(IM) ChineseAcademyof Science (CAS)
No.15 Beisihuan West Road BeijingPRC 100190  

Tel: 86-10-82544350 




Students majoring in Mechanics, physics and related displines are welcomed!